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Personal Training in Cheltenham

Personal Training & Nutrition Churchdown & Cheltenham

  • Eat well
  • Train Smart
  • Look Better
  • Feel fitter  
  • Live happy

I am Caspar Chamberlain Your Personal Trainer in Churchdown Village, Cheltenham, Nutrition Advisor and Mountain Bike instructor.

  • Problem

As we age 25+ our bodies change, we need to stop muscle loss and rebalance growth hormones.

  • Solution

Personal Training with my Hiit cards will help you combat these changes.

My personal fitness training will improve cardio, heart and lungs plus strength for muscles and bones.

For more depth on Why? See more here 

Personal Fitness Training Churchdown & Cheltenham

  • Problem

Hate the Gym?

Do you know what to do in a gym and why?

Most people feel uncomfortable in a room full of strange equipment and spend money each month and learn nothing about staying fit, often making excuses to do something else rather than do a workout.

  • Solutions

I Motivate you, using a progressive approach to improve  your health and knowledge over a period of 12-18 weeks, so you take control and know how to stay fit.

Never pay for gym membership again.

First I need to ask you questions that will help us choose the right combination of exercises, food and rest personalising a plan.


Blood pressure & Resting heart rate

Body fat, lean muscle and water percentage giving a clear idea of the best training for your body

body fat testing

You start to understand how and what you need so you have the knowledge to take yourself forward. Taking positive steps to safely improve your health.

Nutrition Advisor in Churchdown & Cheltenham

Nutrition is a often overlooked but it is vital part of lifestyle improvements. 80% of looking and feeling fit is what we eat.

  • solutions: Everything we eat MUST give nutrients, quality and timing vs quantity and calories

Part of our training will be learning what foods work best for you and what benefits your constitution. Click here for more information. Part of your training day will be in the kitchen looking at how to prep a nutritionally complete meal.

Improving our diet is going to improve our health and well-being and weight loss will be a by-product of your personal evolution.

  • Solution to understand fitness

Part of your training will use my New Training Cards, which guide us through the areas of the body keeping you focused.

HIIT CORE High Intensity Interval Training
HIIT CORE High Intensity Interval Training

The cards are colour coded into three key areas: Core, Upper Body and Lower Body.

Quickly identify which areas of the body you are exercising also the push or pull action that is required.

Balanced exercise to help give your body better functional strength.

home triaing Some examples Fitness Cards

Fitness training at home or local park

Using High Intensity Training with the equipment that I bring, from Swiss balls to Battle ropes.

personal fitness trainerpersonal training in doncaster

Not in standard gym

  • Solution

We will use your local surroundings to get your heart and lungs fit –  I like to get you out in the fresh air! That could be you jumping the log in the top picture!

You will tell me what activities you like and I will build a training plan to challenge you!

Walking, swimming, running, sprints, hills and stairs will become your challenge! Fitness Focused Riding too, I am a qualified mountain bike instructor.

What clients say about me:

Caspar is a very friendly, professional and motivating personal trainer that I can’t fault. 

From the initial consultation to now he has been very understanding and enthusiastic about helping me with a lifestyle change.

His use of his own HIIT cards are a great fun element to the session and makes you really push and test yourself. He also works around my schedule so childcare is not an issue.

If you are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable, empathetic and motivating teacher I would highly recommend Caspar to help you with your fitness regime and diet, Frances Fisher.

See how her running has improved. frances 12min run testing 


Caspar makes the sessions very enjoyable and dynamic with his HIIT Training Cards. He knows how to adjust the exercises and intensity to the necessities in any session and the same with the nutritional aspect. I’m very happy with the development of my Fitness Program. Maribel Fuentes

Hi all! I’m doing a very funny and customised training with Cas, I love it! I’m improving my strength and endurance, especially because my weak point are shoulders and legs, my shoulder was operated and I couldn’t do anything.

Now I’m starting to feel strong, I can do a lot of things without getting tired, my body is different now, I’m very happy and proud to do that, and every day I feel better, thanks to Cas! 

Elena P. Verdú Martínez

One of the best trainers I’ve ever had. He’s so friendly and knows how to keep you motivated. Very balanced classes working out your whole body. He also can provide nutrition advice to make the most of it, reach your goals and be healthy.
Thanks Caspar

Yollanda Martinez

I don’t like the gym but needed to get fitter & lose some weight, then I ‘found’ Caspar, amazing outdoor training, I love it, very varied, tailored to my needs & goals & he comes to me at a time that suits so no travelling. I have found Caspar very professional, fun (we laugh a lot), & a mine of information on healthy eating. His energy and enthusiasm is totally contagious I can’t recommend Caspar highly enough.
Pauline Wallis

Swimming coaching:

It was a real bonus of having someone write up the days training objective broken down into small steps, demonstrate it in the pool and then swim along pointing out corrections.

As I focused on technique and Cas’ stealth effortless style of swimming I began to enjoy each swim more and more, 3 times a week.

At the start I noticed how my shoulders and upper body were over tense and I had a left arm flexibility unbalance.

With Cas’s isolated swimming exercises I was able to monitor and improve both my upper body flexibility and gradual return to strength and range of motion of my left side.

It definitely helped with the built up stress and I even felt my posture was improving each week.

 I can highly recommend Cas and feel lucky we crossed paths in the shop. The swimming lessons were probably one of the best things I’ve done this year for my own personal well-being as a complete body sport. Alex

  • Triathlon & Endurance Training:

..that is really a good price. I’m currently training for a marathon and I have to think about everything, kind of food, amount of food, how long should I run, etc… I’ve spent more money in books and trying different kinds of food and I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time reading these books instead of training for the marathon.

Next season I’ll call you. Alberto.


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Training Days include: personal data to evaluate what training will get the right results for your body type.
Training sessions + weekly plans + set of training cards.
Nutritional basics, the right food for your consitution, season and how to transition into a whole food plant based diet that will give your body what it needs.
Preparing a meal together, showing you how to make the right combinations for better digestion.


hiit cards upper body core lower bodyTraining made easy to follow.

Whole foods and how to combine them.


Fully insured Caspar_Chamberlain-insurance-2018


Full training day  £150 (call for deal for more than one person)

Fitness only – first visit, data assessment, training plan  £50

Nutrition day only  £99 see Nutrition page for full details

Pay as you go training  £25

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