Endurance Seminars

Training for long distance or duration?

There are a number of things that need to be considered:

  1. Such as heart condition, how do we know if there is a small problem and when we put our heart under extreme stress?  

2. Mobility testing. The importance of identifying weak areas to prevent chronic injuries. This is becoming more mainstream if we want to continue a long career in our sport then we need to look at the root of any future injury – such as limited upper body rotational movement.


sadaba tri

  1. Core Strength training
  2. Nutrition – Ketosis
  3. Base training
  4. Speed, power, efficiency
  5. Heart Rate Zones :1-5 – 80/20 ratio
  6. Long Slow Distance/polorised – pace and heart rate. no lungs – no race!
  7. Race week and tapering
  8. Recovery and next race.


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Endurance Seminar Outline

I come to you @ universities, gyms, running clubs

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Body Image – I wish I was bigger or fitter

Body Image – I wish I was bigger or fitter

Body image has a huge effect on our lives – we don’t value our basic health, we do little to help ourselves.

Muscular images bombard us on line as well as conflicting information on diets and body image.

I recently saw this documentary from the BBC and it got me thinking about these typical problems. Click here

The four men in the film, two are overweight – both from muscle and fat – both eating excessive animal proteins to gain weight and lifting heavy weights. Both have an obsession with the gym.

Both men are fat too. They may be able to lift heavy but their size is un-natural – they have to over-eat to maintain this size. The stress on their heart and liver is actually damaging.

For them to now change their habits to include lighter weights, higher repetitions and intense cardio, running and cycling is a huge challenge.

One of the men has the extreme focus that get amazing results in 12 weeks. The other has psychological issues with his size and the size of others.

Both have an addiction to the gym.

But I want to be bigger and stronger? Sure this is a male norm in the West, but what is the correct size for your body?

I define Fitness as having the physical ability to perform various actions, running, swimming, climbing, moving our bodyweight through different mediums.

img_20161004_101745How muscular do you need to be to move your body?

Anything beyond that is not you size – lifting very heavy weights will produce muscle growth but what to you need that size for? Large muscles need a lot of fuel and fatigue quickly.

The other two men in this film are under weight and under developed – with poor posture and low self esteem. Gaining some muscle helps them feel better. Their gains are very small and their focus, drive and determination is weak.

Making a normal size body fit and strong is the right size – giving yourself the ability to walk a few sets of stairs, swim your self to safety. Lift  and carry your weekly shopping, move some furniture, change a wheel on a car. Do the gardening. 

If it snows where you live – clean the path in front of your house! It is great exercise and practical.

Some physical capabilities – such as grip strength to pull your body up and moving your own body weight in a tough mudder should be enough – huge muscles are excess baggage.

Body image online is a problem that we can try to arrest with the help of weekly cardio and strength workouts to be as fit as you need to be.

Daily activities, and core exercises can boost our metabolism, fight muscle wasting due to age – increase our endorphins and improve our heart and lung fitness.

If we feel fitter – then our body image will be less of and issue.

body imageBe happy in the skin where you live!



Flat Stomach can only come from One thing

Flat Stomach Happen in the Kitchen

First, If you belive that you can do abdominal and core exercises alone – you must think again.

Fat burning one area of the body is a myth.

The truth: If you are now 40-50ish and looking in the mirror thinking where did this extra size around my stomach come from?

I will tell you, it came from, the daily biscuit, taking the car when you could have walked or rode a bike.

Getting home and feeling just a bit too tired to go to your zumba class – I’ll go next week – you promise yourself.

My flat stomach at 40

has come from decades of activity and improving diet an evolution. Yes I look older, yes my body is different but so is my mind; as knowledge grows the waist-line should shrink!

Get a Flat Stomach Now

Today may be the first day of the new you – our cells regenerate so you are not stuck with poor health and extra weight, now and for the future you.

Try to imagine what you will be like in ten years time if you continue to eat the wrong foods and stay inactive.

Lose a few Kilos

The solution will take time too, yes in six weeks or so you can drastically improve your heart and lung capacity, and even lose a few kilos.

Weight loss is a moving goal that as you get fitter so does your focus.

Initial weight loss with Slimming World or Weight-Watchers is mostly from identifying and stopping eating poor quality processed foods, such as the biscuits that are in every home and work place.

This biscuit treat culture is making you fat from high processed sugars, wheats, and modified vegetable oils.

Education about what is in the packaged foods is a must. We should be buying and growing as many vegetables as we can to cut out the plastic wrapped foods.

Park Run Every Saturday

You will also need discipline to keep you on track, friends and family that are interested too, surround yourself with like-minded people.

Join a Park Run on a Saturday morning and soak up the buzz of getting fitter and learning more about what your body needs.


It is a long journey to get a flat stomach and you may fall short, but your whole body will benefit. Your future health depends on the amount you move today and what you eat today and every day after that.

A treat is nice but a treat every day, even every weekend is killing you.

Give your body a treat break and see the benefits year after year.

One salad and abs class won’t make up for years of mistreatment.

Organic Foods

Investing money in training, Spend money on better organic foods, gyms, clothes and equipment that motivates you. A doctors pill will not fix damage that is done from decades of misuse. Medicine can help with a virus, bacteria, parasites – but not bad habits.

Treat yourself to a new healthy lifestyle that will last.

Start your new habit click here new habit that becomes your new lifestyle.

Warning! side affects could give you a flat stomach 😉

Flat Stomach
Flat stomach at 40


Still want a quick fix to a flat stomach? OK here is what you need CLICK HERE for the fast solution.



Staying fit forever how can we do that?

How can we maintain fitness long-term?

There are two parts to this question the first is the easy one: consistency.

I want you to look at the picture, What do you see?

307ca231-9672-4964-9399-87224a3282f5-2 Look at the fence – each bar has an arrow-head top, and the circle looks complete – well actually there are a few tops missing.

This fence is symbolic of a year of eating well and training regularly. We can miss a few days or a week, for a holiday or down time but the big picture is consistency. That is our key task to staying fit.

Staying Fit and Motivation

Number two is the focus. Our reasons may vary from looking good to being fitter, but if we look deeper we all want to be happier – eating well, looking after our digestive system to fulfill our nutrient balance; making our heart, lungs and muscles stronger will ultimately make us feel more content.

There are many ways to keep motivated, changing your routine every six weeks, up-grade your equipment, train with a friend, learn to cook a new food, enter a race, but always remember that you want to stay fit and healthy to keep young and happy.

staying fit and happy

One thing that we can do is start new habits both in the kitchen as well as exercise.

Health Retreat

If you would like to know more about how we can do this click the link to find out about my Fitness and Nutrition Retreat

Part of a five day holiday that teaches you how to cook, what to shop for, the areas of the body to work strength and flexibility, reducing the need for a Doctor.

Remember the old saying An Apple a Day…we know the reason why that is true and we will give you that knowledge.

We can then help you recapture your health and stay fitter for longer.

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Your Summer Your Fitness Level

We often hear, see and read what others are doing to stay fit, slim, strong, the fastest, the most daring – but what is your level?

One crazy base jumper I heard say everyone gets their adrenaline rush from different levels of activity. So when we see a Down Hill mountain biker do we ‘really’ want to do that!

IMG_20160717_093930 IMG_20160717_105223

This summer I am back in the Spanish and French hills soaking up the peace and trying to enjoy ‘my’ level of fitness doing some challenging rides but not-out-of-my-depth.

Unlike a super diet or muscle wrenching crossfit blast, let’s look at the whole year. Consistency, with clean eating and exercise will keep up our level of fitness. If we then up that level, we have a good base to improve on.

Diet is not fixed with one salad nor is fitness with a run round the block but once they become a part of your lifestyle then, weight-loss and fitness become normal.


If you are looking for a Trainer to help motivate you and cut through the diet and training myths, then get in touch for my Starter Deal 10 sessions for only £199

I’ll teach you the main core exercise show you simple solutions to improve nutrition and give you a new fun way to train with my new training cards.

Training at home – with minimal equipment – helping you make the best of your surroundings.

Call Caspar : 07939 019 030

email: crjc75@gmail.com


Home Visit Personal Trainer Nutrition Advisor

Have a Personal Trainer at home for the day in Cheltenham!

Looking at all aspects of your life, from your kitchen to your walk to work.

Re balance, your muscles, your nutrition, your daily activities.

£99 sound a lot? What would you pay the Cesar Millan to sort out your dog…what does it cost to have a full service on your car?

Solutions for the weak areas in your life, simple ways to stay flexible, strong and simple ways to eating well.
Get the knowledge here, learn what training activities that you need.
Realistic goals for you, with a six week plan done on the day.

Food and nutrition

What you eat, when, how, who with, what to shop for. We go to your supermarket and make some better choices.
Understand latest news about health, old myths and sayings. An apple a day…why is that true?
A typical visit
*Day will start with ‘walk n talk’ finding out about you, where and how you live.
*Base data, heart rate, measurements, injuries.
*Kitchen check over, see what you normally eat.
*Shop and prep healthy lunch, cooking tips to save time and stay on track.
*Resistance training for you and your weaknesses.
*Cardio for you and your fitness.
*Six week plan, with weekly follow-up call or email.
Typical day 6 hours, to cover the areas above.
Find out what you need, have a professional help you achieve results – get a plan of action and support for your life-stye change.
Call Now, 07939 019 030
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