What to do for Weight Management

What to do for Weight Management

weight management

Weight Management tips

Today I wanted to give some of the main information that can help you.

Most of us understand that we are eating some of the wrong things and not being as active as we should, but that doesn’t help much; neither does signing up to a gym if you are not sure what to do.
There are lots of machines and weights but why?

The weights are there to activate your muscles they need to be stimulated, pushing and pulling weight does this; as well this training uses energy long after your half hour session long into the night and the next day as the muscles are repairing themselves.

What exercises to do for Fat loss

Let’s keep it simple, to lose some weight, and by that we mean ‘fat’, fat is a great energy source that can feed our muscles. So focus on the big muscle groups that need more fuel.
For example.
Lower body, Legs and glutes – do: Squats, Lunges, hip raises, box jumps

We need to get our heart and lungs back in shape then we need to do some, skipping, swimming, riding, dancing, rowing and running, with the exception of swimming the rest are going to be using the lower body too, so more fat used for energy.

Upper body, swimming is a perfect way to train, chest, back, shoulders.
Some at home activities – dips between two chairs works the back of the arms, and part of the chest.
Push ups for chest can be hard, but try mini half ones and build up.

Core – is not just sit ups and crunches. Try: Plank, Med ball rows, wood cutter chops, Swiss ball plank name spell. Think of your core and 4 parts, sides, lower groin, mind section and upper.

Start then to think about our bodies, in Upper, Core, Lower, + heart and lungs. Use this to plan your week in the gym.

When should I workout?

If your gym has a pool, swim once or twice, if you like classes do a Body pump  and Spin lots of lower body and cardio! use the floor area to to do core every day! Rotate your days so if you did a spin class on Monday, swim or do core and upper body Tuesday. If your muscles are aching two days after do some light jogging or static bike this will get the blood flowing but not too much as your muscles are still recovering.

What is Cardio?

Try for half an hour minimum two hours max cardio, bike, run, swim take five minutes to warm up and cool down, use the cross trainers to warm up as they are low impact but get you started.
Be smart, use the big muscles first as you get stronger you can look at other areas to train.

To re-cap we are using the weights or weight machines to active our muscles – this can burn fat as energy. (no enrgy gells or glucose drinks please, we want you body to look for fat as fuel)
We are doing cardio also for the big muscle groups but mostly for our heart and lungs – this also burns energy.

Now we have to be careful if we want to burn excess fat we shouldn’t be adding it with our food.

Low carbohydrate diet

Lets take a look at what we should be eating. We need to stay away from hidden sugar, be careful look at the labels, where it says carbohydrates, of which sugars! go for less is best. 0.3g – 4.4g
lots of low fat products make up the flavour with sugar, some up to 50g per 100g

How to live longer

Reduce animal proteins, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk – keep to half a palm full or less, your body need less than you think. Animal products also have higher saturated fats and add to our cholesterol.

Increase the Veg to improve fibre and vitamins and fill your plate with colour (anti-oxidants – anti- ageing). Good fats from avocados and un-salted nuts plus extra virgin olive oil ( cold pressed oils only) add it to anything from toast to soups. These vegetable fats will help give you good energy and help you feel full.

Lastly decrease your starchy carbs: bread, cereal, rice, potatoes, same as sugar – too much causes fat storing response as insulin levels rise.

How much food should I eat?

Adjusting your food and plate size.
Less animal products, less starchy carbs. More veg, more nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil.
As you start to eat less meats you will notice more subtle flavours in vegetables and your enjoyment of food increases.

Don’t count calories:

Or measure quantities. Use your hands to tell you. Two fists is the approximate amount for your stomach. The bigger the person the bigger their fists, therefore more food.

This is NOT a diet, you have to change the way you look at food, not just as a routine or something to stop you feeling hungry. Its the thing that gives your body the nutrients that it needs not the things it doesn’t. We have to manage our bodies, with enough activity to make all your main muscles work well and the food we put in supplies them with energy plus the vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

I hope that helps you plan you week in the gym and in the kitchen.

Look fwd to your comments.


Over Eating at Christmas, What can we Do?

Overdoing the Christmas dinner?

It is going to happen, there are work dinners, catching up with friends and family there is always extra food and drink around. So what can we do to minimise the damage of the unwanted KG gift.

Sweet tooth

Hidden sugar is the big battle nowadays, sugar content has increased in most products, tins of beans, breakfast cereal, ketchup – the food manufacturers know that we get hooked on sweet things and although many products claim to be healthy, watch out for sugar content.

For every piece of meat eat five veg

Focus on eating more cooked veg, add some extra virgin olive oil, the combination of eating more veg is you will fill up quicker and get more nutrients plus some oil being more calorie dense will give you energy for longer.

making veg soup with added ginger also helps digestion

E-Numbers are killing your gut flora

Stay off the sweets and chocolates they also have sugar we know but the E numbers like E220 a common preservative damages our intestinal microbes and that can lead to inflammation.

Even some natural foods that we think are a better option than the sausage rolls, for example, hummus made from chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, lots of manufacturers add a lot of sodium (man-made salt) and E220.

We risk bloatedness and not from the chickpeas but from the ‘preservatives’. Check the labels! don’t feel bad about it feel ‘interested’

Eat Clean 
‘Eating Clean’ was in the news this week and a food critic attacked this notion that other food then must be ‘dirty’ this polar view has some truth for me eating E220 or sodium added to normal foods is similar to eating contaminated foods.

The long-term effects can cause chronic digestion problems as well as headaches and skin complaints. Before seeing your doctor, look at the food labels.

Go Gluten free this Christmas
Most loaves of bread have lots of added E numbers, sodium/salt and even milk powders. If you are lactose intolerant then be very careful as most if not all wheat products, biscuits and cakes will have milk or dairy.

Going gluten-free over Christmas could also help reduce the work our digestive system has to do, as there is an excess of wheat-based products at this time of year with all the pastry from mince pies so take a break.

Don’t Break your Fast

Break’fast’ is a nice way to remember that we can go without eating for quite a long time,  giving our digestive system a rest can help the digestive enzymes finish their work before loading them up again.

Take a 4-12 hour eating break

Try from your dinner, of homemade veg soup and push your breakfast back till 10 or 11am the next day and see how you feel. try for between 12-16 hours without eating. Do drink. Water is good, green tea, white tea, try and keep one coffee or tea in the morning only.

70% full is another way to deal with lots of meals at Christmas time

If we eat up to this point of almost full and wait twenty minutes you will then start to feel 100% full as the food you have eaten swells in the stomach.

Digestion Aid

Apple Cider Vinegar, add a spoon full to a glass of warm water before and after a large meal.

Mint tea and chamomile help with digestion too. We all have different digestion speeds, which again we need to eat accordingly, if you have a slow system (food spends a long time in small intestine) then eat less animal proteins and more veg.

A quick recap.

Hidden Sugar, tinned, bottled and boxed foods
E220, is a dirty word
Sodium too, Put those Pringels down Now!
Guten Break – give your intestines a well-earned rest.
Leave your breakfast till later.
eat until almost full and Stop!

Thinking about what we eat makes a huge difference, and if you overdo it give your system time to recover.

Weight Gain

Any weight you gain from overeating will create extra work not only for your digestive system but your heart too as it has to supply blood to more of you!

Hope that helps,

Any question or comments welcome.

Merry Christmas

Flat Stomach can only come from One thing

Flat Stomach Happen in the Kitchen

First, If you belive that you can do abdominal and core exercises alone – you must think again.

Fat burning one area of the body is a myth.

The truth: If you are now 40-50ish and looking in the mirror thinking where did this extra size around my stomach come from?

I will tell you, it came from, the daily biscuit, taking the car when you could have walked or rode a bike.

Getting home and feeling just a bit too tired to go to your zumba class – I’ll go next week – you promise yourself.

My flat stomach at 40

has come from decades of activity and improving diet an evolution. Yes I look older, yes my body is different but so is my mind; as knowledge grows the waist-line should shrink!

Get a Flat Stomach Now

Today may be the first day of the new you – our cells regenerate so you are not stuck with poor health and extra weight, now and for the future you.

Try to imagine what you will be like in ten years time if you continue to eat the wrong foods and stay inactive.

Lose a few Kilos

The solution will take time too, yes in six weeks or so you can drastically improve your heart and lung capacity, and even lose a few kilos.

Weight loss is a moving goal that as you get fitter so does your focus.

Initial weight loss with Slimming World or Weight-Watchers is mostly from identifying and stopping eating poor quality processed foods, such as the biscuits that are in every home and work place.

This biscuit treat culture is making you fat from high processed sugars, wheats, and modified vegetable oils.

Education about what is in the packaged foods is a must. We should be buying and growing as many vegetables as we can to cut out the plastic wrapped foods.

Park Run Every Saturday

You will also need discipline to keep you on track, friends and family that are interested too, surround yourself with like-minded people.

Join a Park Run on a Saturday morning and soak up the buzz of getting fitter and learning more about what your body needs.


It is a long journey to get a flat stomach and you may fall short, but your whole body will benefit. Your future health depends on the amount you move today and what you eat today and every day after that.

A treat is nice but a treat every day, even every weekend is killing you.

Give your body a treat break and see the benefits year after year.

One salad and abs class won’t make up for years of mistreatment.

Organic Foods

Investing money in training, Spend money on better organic foods, gyms, clothes and equipment that motivates you. A doctors pill will not fix damage that is done from decades of misuse. Medicine can help with a virus, bacteria, parasites – but not bad habits.

Treat yourself to a new healthy lifestyle that will last.

Start your new habit click here new habit that becomes your new lifestyle.

Warning! side affects could give you a flat stomach 😉

Flat Stomach
Flat stomach at 40


Still want a quick fix to a flat stomach? OK here is what you need CLICK HERE for the fast solution.


The cheapest way to fitness and weight loss

The most economical way to keep fit is what your sister did at school

Skipping might sound a bit old school and it is but boxers still do it and many people with limited time, funds and space use skipping and get results.

The Cheapest fitness solution needs almost no equipment

If you have fitness test coming up and need to drop a few kg this is a top way to get into the swing.

Skipping ropes are very cheap, but the cheapest is making your own or even just the hopping and jumping with an imaginary rope will work!

safety issues

Some things to think about, are you knees though, if you have any knee problems I would suggest riding a bike as the impact is less.

How do I skip? You may remember from school, but if you have never tried here I have a basic video and a few recommendations about how to build up.

How to Skip to lose weight

Starting with just a few seconds and build up over a few weeks to five minuets then 10.

Then hopping from one leg to other, high knee jumps and double rotations.

Over a period of six weeks with daily practice and clean eating, lots of veg and low sugar you are sure to control your weight.


Nutrition Debt is making you Sick!

Does your workplace look like this, processed crisps, fizzy drinks, milk chocolate, biscuits img_20160909_161316 and white bread?

Processed foods

Do you know what highly processed oils, salts and sugars go into making these things? I say things as they are not food. The extreme flavours trick your taste, divert your hunger but trigger mood swings due to highs and lows in your blood sugar – over half the UK is pre-diabetic.

Food Lables

These plastic wrapped items result in weight gain from high salt that causes water retention; high sugar that gives stimulation but increases insulin and then fat storage.

We might have been in Europe for over 40 years but we haven’t learnt how to eat fresh vegetables like the French and Spanish. This is the key – lots of green, red, yellow veg.

Green Vegetables

Not lots of potatoes and bread and pasta. These last three are starchy carbohydrates and as they are broken down first in the mouth and then in the small intestine they become sugars – if you are very active then you will use the glucose, but if you work indoors and are less active what do you think will happen?

Putting on weight

The answer to all this? Increasing all types of vegetables, all leaf, flower, all colours, the more you put on the plate the more vitamins, minerals, fibre and nutrition. You will get reducing insulin spiking, making you more mentally focused and improving your day to day health.

NO weight gain from vegetables! img_20160831_144718Fuel up properly every day and you won’t need to snack, if you have cravings then you lack nutrients – fill up on veg at meal times!

Stop buying crisps and bottles of sugar drinks. Buy, Cook, and grow your own vegetables and put more on your plate, more in your life!

img_20160906_091559 Gardening and Cooking

How about making some Sauerkraut, water and sea salt (it has minerals) raw chopped veg leave to ferment for a few days, easy – healthy for your stomach flora and vitamin C. img_20160909_171202

Get in touch for Nutrition Advice here or if you want a full weekly fitness and nutrition make-over click here

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