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Whole food Nutrition Advice

Hello I am Caspar I hold a Nutrition advisor title as well as weight management and advanced sports nutrition.

25g + of plant protein per plate
Seminar Sports diet Myths
It is all about the guts!

Like many of us I have suffered from diet issues such lactose and gluten intolerance.

My friends call me ‘The  Food Police’

  • Problems –

Overeating, low energy, bingeing, loss of self-control, food labels, calories, Fats vs Sugars, scare stories.

We know there is a problem with the food we are buying but what should I eat?

  • Solution

I teach you how real food helps your body and mind function, fighting cravings, mood swings, and weight gain.


I offer a one day home visit service, involving what modern food is doing to our bodies.

  • Teaching you how every mouthful gives you nutrients.
  • We will look at how to quickly dominate food labels.
  • I give you real examples to try.
  • What foods should be combined for better digestion
  • How to transition from processed foods to whole foods
  • Cravings and what they mean
  • Where to keep foods in or out the fridge
  • Protein myths
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets
  • Cooking a meal together in your kitchen

Plus any areas of health and nutrition that interest you and your family.

Typical day starts around 10am, meet you and your kitchen – start learning that instant.

Small workshops to understand labels and basic nutrition concepts.

Food preparation for lunch followed by relaxed seminar.

Looking at omega 3/6 to calcium magnesium balance plus answering any of your questions about food scare stories.

Get the knowledge – live better.

Call 07939 019 030 to book your day! Only £99

My seminar e-book a  guide to how to stay fit and healthy 80% nutrition 20% rest and exercise click buy to take you to Kindle download. *

What is a whole foods diet?

It means as natural as possible. Organic is better but not essential.

 Look for this organic flag symbol, from eggs, flours, coconut oil, olive oil as well as vegetables.

Wholefoods are those without e-numbers, added oils and sugar, salt or milk powders.

See the collection of dishes from my twitter feed at the bottom of the page.

Typical whole foods diet for me:

Although most of the food guidance is 90% vegetarian / vegan based there are also some limited animal products.

For example if in winter you are feeling the cold more than normal you most probably have a deficiency therefore would benefit from some slow cooked lamb as it has warming properties.

See Traditional Chinese Medicine for more details; also blood group ‘0’ may benefit more from some animal protein.

I recommend training before breakfast, short and intense as you can manage, some days that my only be ten minutes.

To start the day, just a glass of filtered water or apple cider vinegar, then followed by some exercise will get the fire burning for you to add the fuel.

Breakfast Like a King, example:

Oats, with chia seeds & walnuts made with almond milk. Bit of everything here, carbs, protein, fats, omega 3 and 6, wide range of vitamins and Iron. Go for more walnuts and chia seeds as they have more omega 3 fats that we need for our immune system. Too much omega 6 inhibits the other.

We could swap this for an organic free range egg, with spinach, green peppers and some homemade spelt or rye bread.

Eggs have all of the essential amino acids that we need from a protein and combine well with vegetables.

Many people don’t combine their grains well on a vegan or vegetarian diet. Organic and free range is about as old school healthy for both you and the animal. Politics aside.

Fruit is best eating before any other meal as it will digest faster. Plus vitamin C will help absorption of iron.

Yogurt will provide healthy bacteria fundamental for good digestion.

Snack if you need or want it with a few dates, coffee in winter as these are warming or green tea and banana in summer as theses are cooling.

Stay away from stimulants coffee and tea in the afternoon. The morning is when your body wants more action and slows down later in the day.

The morning meal is one of my biggest sometimes as much as 1000 calories depending on the day’s activities planned.


Lots of veg please, buy what is in season, you will know as it will be on offer, runner beans, spinach leaves, carrots, cauliflower.

A summer lunch: we can steam the root veg and stir fry the onions and peppers, chop and add some tofu, calcium fortified if you can find it.

While that is doing you may want to cook some quinoa or rice too with some small red lentils as they cook about the same time and you don’t have to worry about soaking them overnight.

The lentils and rice are best combined to provide a complete range of amino acids (protein) so without the animal fats. Olive oil is contains vitamin E anti oxidant and should be an added after cooking.

If you need more calcium we can add a cup of broccoli either raw or lightly steamed, and some sardines in olive oil.

A cup dates and hand full of almonds also has a quite a bit of calcium. The reason for these options is they not only provide a lot of extra nutrients but NO Lactose which is very hard to digest.

Digestion, this is what it is all about, too much food doesn’t get digested, it ferments causing gas. This is why we shouldn’t mix fruits with other foods.

Don’t over-load at meals you only have a limited amount gastric juice.

The evening meal

Will be lighter, some leafy veg with some homemade bread or soup or hummus.

Counting Calories

This may start to look like a lot of food, but it comes out at around 2100 calories, and I have a base metabolic rate of 1400. + energy needed for activity which is about 1000.

  • However counting calories is the wrong focus we need to be looking at nutritional content in every mouthful.

Find out how to improve your diet and understand foods, their nutrients and beneficial properties. Eat well feel Great!

Call to book a one to one  consultation 07939 019 030.

Consultation approx 2 hours £45

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