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Hello, I am Caspar I hold a Nutrition Advisor title NA Dip, certificates in Weight Management, Advanced Sports Nutrition and Chinese Herbs.

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Given the thumbs up by Acupro Academy ‘great little book’

The easiest way to understand what to eat, why and when, photos and examples for better health, weight loss and much more.

Seasonal Food Therapy

  • The easiest way to understand what to eat, why and when, photos and examples for better health, weight loss and much more.

Listen here for an interview that happened BC (before Corona) where Thomas Elliott pumped 40+ mins of questions about nutrition the effects of the good and the bad foods plus some lifestyle changes. I hope you enjoy it.


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As seen at Stroud Vegan Fair, Hucclecote Harriers, Angles Running Club, Kindness & Co, Superdry and many more. 

Seminar Sports diet Myths, It is all about the guts!

Like many of us, I have suffered from diet issues such as lactose and gluten intolerance,  my friends call me ‘The  Food Police’


Overeating, low energy, bingeing, loss of self-control, food labels, calories, Fats vs Sugars, scare stories.

We know there is a problem with the food we are buying but what should I eat?


I teach you how real food helps your body and mind function, fighting cravings, mood swings, and weight gain.

Download my ebooks, find out what modern food is doing to our bodies.

  • Teaching you how every mouthful gives you nutrients.
  • We will look at how to quickly dominate food labels.
  • I give you real examples to try.
  • What foods should be combined for better digestion
  • How to transition from processed foods to whole foods
  • Cravings and what they mean
  • Where to keep foods in or out the fridge
  • Protein myths
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets

    25g + of plant protein per plate

For example, how Fibre is fundamental and the most overlooked part of nutrition.

It basically is what makes the good compost in our small intestine often called pre-biotics. Fibre helps the absorption of water in the large intestine as well as improving defecation.

Top tip – everything you eat must have fibre in it.

If you eat a fig, for example, it will have lots of sugar but also lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals – the fibre in a way cancels out the effect of the sugar.

All vegetables have fibre, nuts and seeds have essential fats and fibre, but meat fish and eggs have no fibre this is why it is so important to eat green leafy vegetables with these.

Potatoes, carrots, bananas all have a high Glycemic Index (body turns them into simple sugar quickly, so don’t overdo it) but they too all have fibre.

The fibre in fruit is softer on the guts and is called pectin. Fruit juice has no fibre, beer and wine have no fibre they are all sugars! Don’t drink them.

All bran type cereals are a product, processed food that has fibre added back into it, this is a very harsh type of fibre there is no other benefit from this ‘product’

Eat whole grains, brown rice, oats they have lots of fibre as well as giving you many energy-boosting B vitamins.

Read food labels and make sure there is fibre; if it doesn’t then it is either pure fat, (oil, butter) pure sugar (juice, honey, alcohol) or meat fish and eggs.

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What is a whole foods diet?

It means as natural as possible. Organic is better as it has less chemical residues from farming, but not essential to kick start your health.

 Look for this organic flag symbol, from eggs, flours, coconut oil, olive oil as well as vegetables.

Wholefoods are those without e-numbers, added oils and sugar, salt or milk powders.

I also use the term ‘Plant-based’ this means most of my meals combine three elements: Greens, Beans and Grains.

Many people don’t combine their grains well on a vegan or vegetarian diet, solution: grain, bean and green these three are key to a complete plant-based protein.

I grow my own food. It is all about health!

Including more vegetables and beans in your life takes time to transition, the focus is different and it requires that those you live with are also willing to experiment.

Caspar's essential Shopping list

  • What foods I buy and why? Food that fit my constitution and the reason. Nutritional content and more.


The Three Evils

Cow’s Milk, Wheat and Sugar.

Cow’s milk, butter, cheese, ice-cream and yoghurt all create damp and phlegm in the body, are a cause of hormone imbalance such as high estrogen, affect the skin as they create heat within the body that is shown in the skin, spots, hives, eczema.

Wheat, white and brown loaves, pasta, cuscus, cakes, biscuits, beer all made from or with wheat. The problem is the modification of the protein gluten that causes inflammation in the small intestine, this cause pore absorption of nutrients, bloating and IBS.

Sugar, beer, wine, fruit juices, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, jams, ketchup etc. Many products contain high levels of sugar as a preservative and flavour enhancer. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine and is very hard to break the habit. The key is to make sure our sugars come with fibre such as eating whole fruits not drinking juices.

Read more here about what to eat

Find out how to improve your diet and understand foods, their nutrients and beneficial properties. Eat well feel Great!

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Given the thumbs up by Acupro Academy ‘great little book’

Seasonal Food Therapy

  • The easiest way to understand what to eat, why and when, photos and examples for better health, weight loss and much more.


Now Available DNA health tests, find out your genetic disposition;

how to influence its expression through diet and environment. 

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How I Grow my own health.




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