About Trained Personally

Hello I’m Caspar chamberlain.

everything here is TRAINED PERSONALLY  by me for you.

What exercise is right for your body type, age and stress level?

Which foods benefit your consitution, the season and weight goals?

do you want to improve, mood, productivity and brain power? Then you need a Tui-na Neck and shoulder massage.



HIIT CORE High Intensity Interval Training


1. HIIT CORE High Intensity Interval Training

Trained Personally is a passion turned into a lifestyle that has driven me to study and learn more about the human body and how we can help ourselves feel, look and perform better.

Do you have a challenge that you need some help with? 

2. Come train with me click here

Read more or Watch the Video for the Funny version 😉



Ex- Asthma sufferer

Over 15 years ago I read a book about how breathing through your nose would help to re-balance the oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange in our lungs.

This would counter act our bodies reaction to over oxygenate blood from breathing through our mouths.

I suffered asthma as a kid from 10 years old till I read this and did some experiments. I started to run just breathing through my nose and concentrating at night to do the same.

Start thinking about how you are breathing and close your mouth. When we talk and laugh a lot we may start to get out of breath.

Close your mouth for a few minutes and see what happens. It took me about three weeks and I have never used an inhaler again!

Home training, weight loss, recovery, starting something new, speciality in Triathlon Mountain Cross.

A keen sportsman, running 200m as a schoolboy to lifting weights to emulate bodybuilders.

3.Whole-food Nutrition Advice

I hold a Nutrition advisor title as well as weight management and advanced sports nutrition.

Like many of us I have suffered from diet issues such lactose and gluten intolerance.

Click here for more on nutrition. 

Having an interest in wheeled sports from motorcycling to skateboarding. A mechanical career from building RS 200 replicas to academic, teaching the Spanish Army and now combining these skills to be a Personal Trainer and MTB instructor.

I feel we can learn a lot about ourselves when we take the time to stay healthy.

Caspar RJ Chamberlain, BA Hon 2004, European Register of Personal Trainers 2013, Mountain Bike Instructor Award 2015, Nutrition Advisor – Alternative Training 2016. Tui-Na Chinese massage 2017. First Aid TidalTraining 2018

We are all very different with wide scope for change. From the food we eat to the activities we do, where we live and who we live with all have an affect on our lives.

I grew up in Essex but, I have worked in the USA, the middle East and lived in Spain  for over ten years, now speaking two languages.

Always looking for new mental challenges as well as physical ones.

I enjoy helping other see a different way to do things and giving them the knowledge to take themselves forward.

This is one of the reason that drove me to create my simple three colour training cards

HIIT CORE High Intensity Interval Training
HIIT CORE High Intensity Interval Training


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