Weight just changed – were you always the same weight but suddenly your scales read more?

There are many factors for weight gain, from over eating on holiday, to moving less. Even changing from a house to a bungalow can make a difference.

For many people it is a question of time – a life long metabolism that has changed – from your late thirties onward things start to shift and every decade after that.

What is changing? well basically hormone levels, like testosterone and estrogenย reduce as well as more importantly the growth hormones.

These changes would be ok if they all stayed in balance but they don’t – one key factor to weight gain is the high level of the stress hormone cortisol that will cause fat storing even if your diet is fairly good.ย 

How do we keep this in check? We need to do two main things – sleep properly – with a minimum of three hours ‘deep sleep’ per night.

This helps the growth hormone do its work and rejuvenate – also to activate and encourage the growth hormone we need to be active – if you are inactive then I recommend walking for an hour – you might have to build up to this.

If however you are up for more to boost your growth hormone and battle weight then we need to do high intensity – this will increase the growth hormone creating less gap between cortisol.

Accumulated stress throughout our lives makes this adrenal response chronic, which causes for most people weight gain because of the fight or flight mechanism that holds on to calories consumed just in case.

Here is a clear video that shows how these hormones can get out of tune as we age.

So did you get that – move to the beach!

Twenty minuets of sun – vitamin D, walking – potassium – Sleep!

Keep the stress down.

For Dr Berg’s video on High Intensityย or any of my videos Here

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor