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Body image has a huge effect on our lives – we don’t value our basic health, we do little to help ourselves.

Muscular images bombard us on line as well as conflicting information on diets and body image.

I recently saw this documentary from the BBC and it got me thinking about these typical problems. Click here

The four men in the film, two are overweight – both from muscle and fat – both eating excessive animal proteins to gain weight and lifting heavy weights. Both have an obsession with the gym.

Both men are fat too. They may be able to lift heavy but their size is un-natural – they have to over-eat to maintain this size. The stress on their heart and liver is actually damaging.

For them to now change their habits to include lighter weights, higher repetitions and intense cardio, running and cycling is a huge challenge.

One of the men has the extreme focus that get amazing results in 12 weeks. The other has psychological issues with his size and the size of others.

Both have an addiction to the gym.

But I want to be bigger and stronger? Sure this is a male norm in the West, but what is the correct size for your body?

I define Fitness as having the physical ability to perform various actions, running, swimming, climbing, moving our bodyweight through different mediums.

img_20161004_101745How muscular do you need to be to move your body?

Anything beyond that is not you size – lifting very heavy weights will produce muscle growth but what to you need that size for? Large muscles need a lot of fuel and fatigue quickly.

The other two men in this film are under weight and under developed – with poor posture and low self esteem. Gaining some muscle helps them feel better. Their gains are very small and their focus, drive and determination is weak.

Making a normal size body fit and strong is the right size – giving yourself the ability to walk a few sets of stairs, swim your self to safety. Lift Β and carry your weekly shopping, move some furniture, change a wheel on a car. Do the gardening.Β 

If it snows where you live – clean the path in front of your house! It is great exercise and practical.

Some physical capabilities – such as grip strength to pull your body up and moving your own body weight in a tough mudder should be enough – huge muscles are excess baggage.

Body image online is a problem that we can try to arrest with the help of weekly cardio and strength workouts to be as fit as you need to be.

Daily activities, and core exercises can boost our metabolism, fight muscle wasting due to age – increase our endorphins and improve our heart and lung fitness.

If we feel fitter – then our body image will be less of and issue.

body imageBe happy in the skin where you live!



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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor