Glute muscles training will save your life!

It is true, individually gluteus maximus are the largest muscles in the body and the ones that are suffering the most from, sitting.

Sitting at home, work and in a car is switching them off! As we get older they are being used less and less.

we are losing the main power that drives our bodies upward and forwards.

As this happens other smaller muscles in the lower back, hip and legs are doing more main tasks when they should be supporting only.

Eventually, the glutes stop working. Pain comes and we think it is the local area that caused the problem.

Wrong – we need to look at why that smaller stabilising muscle failed.

Muscle loss as we age is huge,  2% a month for inactive people.

Slowing metabolism as there is less muscle that needs energy, glutes, arms and leg muscles wither away leaving baggy flesh and this is the start of the body shutting down.

If you have done any of my crazy training on and around Chosen Hill things such as ‘Core Running’ and the Sand Bag Challenge, you will know that we don’t need to be in a gym to get our muscles fired back into action.

Hill Lunge the new Glute training plan

The workout to engage glute muscles in double time (sorry Essex slang) all levels and non-runners welcome.

One-to-one training

Call 07939 019 030 

Hiit Bodyweight Poster

  • 9 top full body training cards. do each exercise for beginner 10sec inter - 30sec Advanced 60sec  
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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor