Long distance coaching, running, swimming and riding

All of us need some coaching to see the small changes we can make to improve our run, swim, bike, workouts and nutrition.

You pay for a ski instructor, right?

We might have a ‘go to friend’ or web page that we can search for answers, but how do we know if we are wasting time; what works for your friend might not work for you.

Personal Coaching

The service I offer a service to look at data: from runs and races, workouts, training plans – intensity/duration.

Giving you feedback on how to cut out junk kilometres and give you some professional input.

I will speak to you about diet, performance and all those little things that we like to fuss over, what gear, when and where to train or race.

When is the best time for your ‘A’ Race?

A lot of what us athletes do can cause some nerves and stress that distract from training, having someone that gives you confidence in the choices you take will make any event much more enjoyable.

You need to know that the training that you are doing is not junk miles, or you are too hard on easy days and not hard enough on the high-intensity days.

The cheaper way to coach, I will look at data uploaded to GarminConnect, follow up comments, emails and details that you may need,  £25 monthly paypal donation info@trainedpersonally.com

This way I get something for my time and you get a personal feedback on how you are progressing and where you should be heading.

Those that are interested fill out this download this free Trained Personally data sheet and send to info@trainedpersonally.com

find those flat spots and tweak your performance


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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor