Never ‘do’ exercise againmovement is part of being human

My popular Talk at the Skills Space Cheltenham.

if you in enjoy this video


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Here are some of my other health and fitness downloads

Two ebooks in One

  • To complete your six-pack you must have these two ebooks.
    • Fitness & Nutrition in 7 Days
    • Seasonal Food Therapy
    I have combined them into one pdf for you.  

Trained Personally Blog Posts 2016-2020

Seasonal Food Therapy

  • The easiest way to understand what to eat, why and when, photos and examples for better health, weight loss and much more.

Hiit Bodyweight Poster

  • 9 top full body training cards. do each exercise for beginner 10sec inter - 30sec Advanced 60sec  

Caspar's essential Shopping list

  • What foods I buy and why? Food that fit my constitution and the reason. Nutritional content and more.
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caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor