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 Fitness and Nutrition Week

Reprogram your weekly habits with a five-day residential program that gives you back control of your health.


Monday to Friday we will be starting the day with a healthy walk to get the blood flowing and the fire burning before breakfast.

You will pick up new habits that can be adopted to your normal life. Taking home a better way to live well, be fit and happy. 

Health retreat

With a difference – 80% nutrition and rest, 20% fitness 

Fitness for all levels, beginner to advanced – how to improve base fitness, progress and improve your technique in areas from a range of activities, or to activating weak muscles.

Common muscle weakness, pelvic floor, posture, shoulders, glutes, I will show you a fun colour training system to address all these areas.

Cooking in Spain

I will guide you in lunch preparation – on a lunch/dinner rota – we want you to go home and have the ability to cook healthy food.

You will learn and make all the meals that will improve your health, digestion, knowledge is power. Other retreats want to pamper you – we want you to have control that lasts far beyond a week.

Meals will depend on the local produce available, the focus will be a rainbow of vegetables, with select beans or pulses and some animal product and healthy fats.

Foods are chosen to enhance your nutrition and support good digestion.

Additional reading texts that will help highlight what your body needs.

Afternoon activities – I will mix core training, high intensity and a relaxing spa waters trip.

What to cook to be healthy

Guided dinner preparation for you and others, as before we will work together in the kitchen to make a healthy meal that all will enjoy.

Last lesson of the day, could be any topic from Spanish basics to how to navigate in the hills, I can teach you how to use a compass.

nutrition retreat

Early to bed… you know the rest of the expression 😉

At the end of the week you will have a new routine that will set you up for the return to real life – how to prep your food for the next meal – saving you time and keeping you healthy.

You will learn when and how much exercise to boost your metabolism. Start building strength that is functional.


…is possible but we are focussing on the start of a new lifestyle that with consistency throughout the year will produce slow and steady reduction in body fat that will then become your correct weight.

Seminars to include:

1 – Modern food is killing us – nutrient debt

2- Food labeling – getting the gist, sugars – carbohydrates

3- Acidic world – coffee, tea, animal and vegetable proteins ph level

4- Omega 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids – how to balance inflammation

5- Weight loss, fasting, digestion and detox

6- Exercise, stress, sleep, rest and recovery, metabolic rate

7- Vitamins – A, B, C, D

8- Minerals for life, Zinc, Iron, Magnisum and Calcium – balance micro-nutrients – what, how and why.

9 – Guest Speaker – thermal energies of food for your constitution. MB Fuentes, TCM

10 – Final projects presentations:

Protein – How much do we need?

Potassium – are bananas the best source?

We give you key texts to look up and present your findings – this method helps you learn far more that just us telling you.


Fitness retreat abroad

Location, rural town house in the village of Ulea, in the hills of Murcia.

Small group of six people:

Fitness retreat for singles or couples

Two twins rooms (single beds) and one Double room,

Two shared bathrooms,

Central kitchen, dining area.

Wood fire

Close to the spa waters of Archena, hill walking and riverside walks.

Allotments of Almonds, Lemons, Oranges.

Nutrition retreat

Celebration lunch at the end of the week made by the lovely Spanish home owners  nutrition retreat

Arrive: Pick up from Alicante airport Sunday. We will have one-to-one chat to settle you in take some base data about you plus basic blood pressure check and dinner will be provided.

Monday morning a healthy walk then a king’s breakfast.

After three days most people reset their habits and start to feel the ease of the lessons learned. Some are old customs you may recognise so we hope to rekindle the better you.


Five days of physical training, nutrition and fitness seminars/workshops.

Retreat Nutrition Folder.

Accommodation in Rural House, food supplies.

Alicante airport pick up & drop off (Sunday to Saturday)

Price: £499.00pp (excluding flight & insurance)

Optional: Archena Spa afternoon

Obligatory: Full travel insurance that covers hill walking.

Equipment needed, walking boots and sports shoes. February will be cold out of the sun so, a coat and hat too.

Slippers for the house it has cold stone floors.

Email for your full information Pack

Or give me a call: 07939 019 030

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor