Personal Training

Outdoor one-to-one training.

I am Caspar Chamberlain, Your Personal Trainer, Nutrition Advisor, Mountain Bike instructor; I am here to help you get fit, stay healthy and get more out of life. 

Do you know what to do in a gym and why? Do you feel unsure about being indoors with many other people?

Most people feel uncomfortable in a room full of strange equipment and spend money each month and learn nothing about staying fit, often making excuses to do something else rather than do a workout.

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Exercise improves blood flow, balances blood sugar, controls appetite, combats depression, increases brainpower – we grow new neurons!

Personal Solutions – I motivate you, using a progressive approach to improve your health and knowledge over a period of 6-18 weeks, so you take control and know how to stay fit.

First I need to ask you questions that will help us choose the right combination of exercises, food and rest.

Step 1. interview data assessment, to give a clear idea of the best training for your body, £35 

I will give you a training Log-Book to keep a record and re-testing every six weeks you start to understand how and what you need so you have the knowledge to safely improve your health.

Can I lose weight?

Weight loss comes from the expulsion of carbon dioxide from our breath 84% and water loss 16% that means MOVING! GETTING OUT OF BREATH

What we eat and when also have a huge consequence on weight loss, see below.

Fitness training outdoors improves mood, some hard work outdoors in all weather will make you happier!

Using High-Intensity Training with the equipment, from Swiss balls to Battle ropes.

personal training in churchdownoutdoor fitness brian

We will use your local surroundings to get your heart and lungs fit –  I like to get you out in the fresh air! Walking, swimming, running, sprints, hills and stairs, Fitness focused riding too, I am a qualified mountain bike instructor.

Step 2. Book times and dates that suit you. Training Pay-as-you-go £30 (discounts for block booking)

Outdoor training in the fresh air, all equipment provided and future training will be with gloves to be extra safe.

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Nutrition Advisor in Churchdown & Cheltenham

Nutrition is often overlooked but it is a vital part of lifestyle improvements. 80% of looking and feeling fit is what we eat.

solutions: Everything we eat MUST give nutrients, quality and timing vs quantity and calories

Part of your training will be learning what foods work best for you and what benefits your constitution. Click here for more information.

Whole foods and how to combine them.

Improving our diet is going to improve our health and well-being. Giving us more energy.

Nutrition only see Nutrition page for full details

call 07939 019 030

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