Flat Stomach Happen in the Kitchen

First, If you belive that you can do abdominal and core exercises alone – you must think again.

Fat burning one area of the body is a myth.

The truth: If you are now 40-50ish and looking in the mirror thinking where did this extra size around my stomach come from?

I will tell you, it came from, the daily biscuit, taking the car when you could have walked or rode a bike.

Getting home and feeling just a bit too tired to go to your zumba class – I’ll go next weekΒ – you promise yourself.

My flat stomach at 40

has come from decades of activity and improving diet an evolution. Yes I look older, yes my body is different but so is my mind; as knowledge grows the waist-line should shrink!

Get a Flat Stomach Now

Today may be the first day of the new you – our cells regenerate so you are not stuck with poor health and extra weight, now and for the future you.

Try to imagine what you will be like in ten years time if you continue to eat the wrong foods and stay inactive.

Lose a few Kilos

The solution will take time too, yes in six weeks or so you can drastically improve your heart and lung capacity, and even lose a few kilos.

Weight loss is a moving goal that as you get fitter so does your focus.

Initial weight loss with Slimming World or Weight-Watchers is mostly from identifying and stopping eating poor quality processed foods, such as the biscuits that are in every home and work place.

This biscuit treat culture is making you fat from high processed sugars, wheats, and modified vegetable oils.

Education about what is in the packaged foods is a must.Β We should be buying and growing as many vegetables as we can to cut out the plastic wrapped foods.

Park Run Every Saturday

You will also need discipline to keep you on track, friends and family that are interested too, surround yourself with like-minded people.

Join a Park Run on a Saturday morning and soak up the buzz of getting fitter and learning more about what your body needs.


It is a long journey to get a flat stomach and you may fall short, but your whole body will benefit. Your future health depends on the amount you move today and what you eat today and every day after that.

A treat is nice but a treat every day, even every weekend is killing you.

Give your body a treat break and see the benefits year after year.

One salad and abs class won’t make up for years of mistreatment.

Organic Foods

Investing money in training, Spend money on better organic foods, gyms, clothes and equipment that motivates you. A doctors pill will not fix damage that is done from decades of misuse. Medicine can help with a virus, bacteria, parasites – but not bad habits.

Treat yourself to a new healthy lifestyle that will last.

Start your new habit click here new habit that becomes your new lifestyle.

Warning! side affects could give you a flat stomach πŸ˜‰

Flat Stomach
Flat stomach at 40


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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor