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Five of my downloads for you to learn more about nutrition, health and fitness.

  1. My new ebook Seasonal food therapy, showing you what foods are beneficial for health and your consituition, with photos and examples from my allotment and kitchen plus much much more.

Seasonal Food Therapy ebook

simple pdf

Given the thumbs up by Acupro Academy ‘great little book’

Seasonal Food Therapy

  • The easiest way to understand what to eat, why and when, photos and examples for better health, weight loss and much more.


Kindle version here


2. The overall view of nutrition and what are the vital elements and what they do to keep us healthy as well as many photographs, examples and lots of practical information.



Based on the Seven Day Health and Fitness week an interactive e-book, 70p a day!

65-page ebook, with pictures, questions, information from sleep, detox, vitamins, simple everyday food to cook at home plus core exercise, links to videos and more

Chapters include:

  • Modern food is killing us – nutrient debt
  • Food labelling – getting the gist, sugars – carbohydrates
  • Acidic world – coffee, tea, animal and vegetable proteins ph level
  • Omega 3, 6, 9 essential fatty acids – how to balance inflammation
  • Weight loss, fasting, digestion and detox
  • Exercise, stress, sleep, rest and recovery, metabolic rate
  • Vitamins – A, B, C, D
  • Minerals for life, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium and Calcium – balance micro-nutrients – what, how and why.
  • Thermal energies of food for your constitution.



3. My essential shopping list pocket size, some of the best foods to keep you healthy!

Caspar's essential Shopping list

  • What foods I buy and why? Food that fit my constitution and the reason. Nutritional content and more.

4. MASSAGE GUIDE EBOOK, learn what we can do to help unblock pain and get your body functioning at its best.

My collaboration ebook with Dr Zhao showing you in detail how to treat you and your family, teaching you the tools you need to stay pain-free

5. All the best blogs in one place!

Over 80 pages of information, health, nutrition, training and understanding, how much exercise, what vitamins, plant-based topics,

Winter training, immune system, gut health and much more.

click buy just Β£2.99 and help support the content of this page.

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