Why is High Intensity Interval Training good for us?

Putting both heart, lungs and muscles under load is vital for the health of these muscles and organs. Use it or Lose it.

For people new to exercise we should get the all clear from your doctor and then start slowly, walking and slow movements under load.

Although the aim of HiiT is to do a 20 min blast, you may not be ready for this, so another way to approach is by doing the weighted moves very slowly.

Here is a link to an in depth article from Dr Mercola: Slow Workout

Back to the why this seems to be the fashion, well we are moving less and we have less time to do so. The less we move the less we feel able. We need to start to move with this type of workout we can get some life back.

This a wonderful video by a great Australian speaker Barbara O’Niell, she will light the fire for you to choose morning exercise to kick-start better health.



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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor