Hiit Workout for your legs

Hiit workouts, High intensity interval trainingΒ (Hiit) come in many forms, one that is free, can be done almost anywhere, is using your stairs at home!

High Intensity Running

Running up one step at a time or two or even three in a huge stride can really work your legs as well as your heart and lungs.

The basis for training for fitness is to raise our heart rate for a number of seconds from 10 -30 then rest for anywhere up to a minute before again repeating the exercise again with vigor.

Tabata, Fartlic, Polorised training all work on the same principal: on and off, fast and slow, 80% easy, 20% hard. There is little that is new prehaps just a new name for some old classics. But it works.

Spending time at High Intensity makes doing other workout loads much easier as out threshold moves to a higher level, making us fitter.

Hills and Stairs trainingfluctuating Heart rate

When you do this always walk down, for two reasons, it is safer as you legs will start to get wobbley after you have been up a few times and also it is better to let them rest a a while before attacking the stairs again.

Warm up take the stairs slowly for five minutes before you start to dash up and down.

See video for fun demo – keep watching to the end for a cool suprise too!

If you want more ideas for getting into shape fast – see my Hiit Core – training cards

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor