Workout knowldge

Home 20 min Functional Body exercise. Learning how to do something puts you back in control – with my new cards you can understand the areas of the body to train without study.

Three main areas: Upper, Lower and Core.

Movements to help balance and improve posture and make You stronger. Activities that you can do at home.


Start at the Top.

Upper Body
Chest, back, shoulders, arms

Upper, lower, abdominal, side obliques, lumbar.

Lower body,
Gluts, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, calves

Pay Once, have the knowledge for life.

Gym routines, books and trainers forget to simplify.

The functional movements here are the same for all types of sports, from tennis to crossfit.

We all have different areas that are weak but the fundamental movements and muscle groups are the same.

Real Life Exersice
We need mobility of movement and strength to do everyday tasks and beyond.
An example a few weeks ago I helped a friend do some transmission work on his truck. And like always the ramp didn’t work and it took me all day on the floor, lifting and pulling and pushing.
These are the basic movements that we do in a workout. Push ups for example. The next day I felt ok, tired from lots of hard work but not in PAIN because I do these exercises two or three times a week, EVERY week.



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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor