Toxic Load, toxic dose or toxic burden

A poison is only lethal because of its dose, the burden to your organs to detox the overload.

Sugars, fried foods, cakes, mince pies, chocolates, alcohols and large amounts of animal proteins overdose at Christmas.

All of these elements together will be too much and we make ourselves ill from overeating and drinking.

Healthy food, helps the body chemestry, unhealthy food unbalances the body chemestry.

A balanced body will be able to deal with small amounts of toxins, but eating too much will create an internal environment that helps disease grow. 

– here is my easy to follow guide to looking after your body.

Planning is everything! I will tell you what to do and how to make a magic detoxing potion.

Big meals and lots of sweet foods mean a lot of work for your digestive system – in fact too much.

How to eat at you Christmas lunch

What our body needs is more gastric juice and more time to handle the work it has to do.

So we need long breaks to allow the enzymes time to digest one meal before the next is piled on top – otherwise pain, sickness, flatulence.

Here we go then, we can ‘bookend’ our overeating days with soups – liquids pass through the gut much easier and vegetable soups and bone broths will supply lots of nutrients.

How to detox after eating too much

Juice –  vegetables not fruit – fruit juice will cause an over consumption of sugars.

The day before big meal:

It’s a juice and soup day, if you are having a mid-day meal then juice for breakfast – if you are having an evening blowout then you could have some oats to start the day, then just a soup or juice for lunch, if you are hungry in the afternoon, keep hydrated – water with a squeeze of lemon – this will also help the digestion of fatty foods.

Keep the gaps between ANY food to four hours this gives your gut time to finish digesting one meal before the other.

Enjoy your big meal 😉 Quick tip – for every piece of meat – eat five veg.

If you had a big lunch – NO DINNER – simple, just some peppermint tea or lemon water to help digestion. You must now rest your intestines for 12 hours! After twelve hours is when you should then be ready to take a magazine to the bathroom and feel lighter.

The day after detox:

Did you have lots to drink? – your liver will need 48h rest – lots of green juice!

Like the day before we are going to help our gut finish digesting – if you had a late meal then forget breakfast – some lemon water to hydrate and help the digestion of fatty residue. What time was the last thing you ate? Christmas pudding at 1 am? Then wait until 1 pm before eating again.

This is where the bone broth soup will be light but nourishing, and again later that day and into the next keep up the leafy green juices.

christmas detox

Liver detox juice

20-30 spinach leaves

1 cup of water

1 cup of hemp milk

1 table spoon Chia seeds

Mix in blender or juicer.

You can add warm water from the kettle to make this a cosy drink. Chia seeds become like jelly that helps line the stomach.

Hemp milk has omega 3 that will help with inflammation and the green leaves are light to digest and restore your liver.

I hope that helps – Happy Festive Season to All


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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor