If you are back out running more this November then let’s have a quick overview of how to improve your run.

It is a lot like swimming, the better the technique the less effort is required to move forward.

So What are the areas of running that we need to look at?

  • Let’s start with the shoulders, relax them, feel them dropping down, not getting closer to your ears with every stride.
  • Elbows, these should be at 90ΒΊ, the movement of your arms will control the speed of your legs – the cadence. if you have long legs this will mean you can cover more distance for each stride.
  • Hands, not gripped tight, nor flopping around, imagine you are holding an egg and if you squeeze too hard it breaks too loose it will fall.
  • hips, leaning forward will push your upper body in front of your hips and force you to run quicker to balance, this along with moving your arms faster is a great way to keep going when tired.
  • Feet, leaning forward will also mean you are more likely to use the forward part of your foot, not the heel, this gives much better cushioning as there is the body’s shock absorber, this is how ‘barefoot’ running is possible.

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  • Top tip, imagine that you are running on a sheet of thin glass – you will run lighter and with less impact.Β 
  • Knees, cut down on the impact by running on any grass verges that are on your urban run, or just get off-road.
  • Run less and run slow. Most of us try to run more than we are able, jumping from once a month to everyday challenges – if you run once a week, increase to twice and also with only a 10-20min increase in duration. Don’t try to run fast every run, keep the fast runs for when you are feeling really fresh only!

So this all sounds like too much hassle? I have you covered, I can run with you and ‘spot’ where you are wasting energy or going too hard.

Message or call and ask for a coaching run. 07939 019 030

Enjoy your running.


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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor