Poor posture? If we are driving and working on a computer our upper back will start to hunch over even without noticing it.

Shoulders start to round over and bit by bit we get shorter too.

Working on the muscles around the shoulder are vital for good posture.

One area that we never see is the muscles over and under the shoulder-blade – the rotator cuff being one of the famous words used.

Let’s look at a simple but very affective way to improve your posture and shoulder straighten-er, as the big shoulder muscles are weak if these small stabilizer are forgotten.

how to improve rotator cuff
how to improve rotator cuff: pull resistance band that is fixed to a solid point, such as a door handle.


look at your shoulder as you rotate your forearm, the shoulder should move backwards




Anchor a Pilates band and pull against it, keep your elbow at your side. With a few sets of 20 reps a few times a week you will start to get your shoulders responding.

Most of us will only see a small movement to start with. Looking at your shoulder as you do this improves the mind-muscle connection which is vital.

Β For more upper body exercises that can help improve strength and help posture, see these four-combination:

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor