Ironman UK 2018, interview with Neil Cumming

Are we all sitting next to an ‘ironman’? Is the price tag worth it? Can you train to become an Ironman? These are some of the many questions I asked Neil.

Today’s interview is with local Gloucester man, that just finished his firstย Ironman race, a swim just under 4km, 180km bike ride and a marathon to finish. The world recordย is under 8 hours and the close off point around 17h.

Ironman is a trademark that holds long distance triathlons around the world, and for Neil and many others, the price tag is more than worth it. His only question is, how big an Ironman tattoo is he going to get!

Most of us may think these long endurance events are only for the elite athletes but Neil talks us through some of his training, motivation, nutrition and many other elements that combine to achieve his goal.




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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor