Ironman, triathlon or marathon events are only possible if your weakest link is strong.

Make this year the time to train your weaknesses. If I have a motto it is ‘every year I want to be fitter’.

Now that is a hard challenge, to improve fitness as you get older! As we get older 40+ we have a tendency to lose muscle mas and gain fat. So this is not just about hitting the gym or running more.

How not to lose muscle mas as we age.

I have holistic look at how we should be doing this. We might not be able to do a ‘personal best’ every year. before we can work on strength training we need to lookย at some of the tight muscles that are due to years of endurance training.

Tight Muscles

Getting a monthly sports massage to work on the tight gluts and lower back muscles. With this type of attitude to fitness we are going to improve every year, as our knowledge of how our bodies are functioning improves.

Take recovery time seriously

Part of the bigger picture is what we are eating, NUTRITION is more important than calories. Plus portion control for the less demanding days.

Low fat?

When a product says ‘low fat’ or zero calories you can be sure that the nutritional content is also very low. The balance of nutrient dense foods that give us microย and macro nutrients is more valuable for your health.

For more information on ratios carbs/fats/proteins please contact me for a consultation. Click here

Make ourselves stronger, faster and fitter also means changing our routine giving our body new actions that activate nerves in dormant muscle fibres. On these colder days we can make use of shorter more intense training that will also help older athletes maintain their muscle mas.

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor