Losing your sense of taste or smell is something you may never think of – until it happens. 

I was having lunch with a friend and she told me how an accident many years ago had left her with no sense of smell, and that also means tasted is reduced to only extreme flavours, bitter, sour, sweet and salty. 

What happens when you eat?

Our bodies still take in nutrition from food but the subtle pleasures from an aroma for example fennel or the mild taste of a tomato is lost.

This can make choosing a meal rather less inviting, that smell of coffee in the morning or hot bread, this is really a quite serious problem.

Mint sauce with your lamb?

This question then turns into another, why bother? We talk about food and nutrition often and I told her of my favourite breakfast. 

Oats, spinach and crunchy peanut butter. Ohh she said that would be good for me!

How to eat without smell or taste.

That started me thinking of all the texture combinations that I like and how would it be to eat with no flavour. 

Crunchy & sticky peanut butter, smooth or lumpy oats, chewy and soft spinach, all of these feelings in your mouth would surely give some element of pleasure?

Here are some combinations that would give more textural eating experience: crunchy broccoli raw, chewy dates, sticky and crunchy peanut butter, homemade spelt bread soft, crunchy and chewy
Apple crunchy and watery, peanut butter, and rubbery raw spinach leaves.

These two examples are actually quite well balanced, having fruit and the vitamin C to help the iron from the Spinach green be taken in by the body. The legume with the peanut very high in protein and 100% peanut. Sugars from the date, as well as potassium, and grain in the spelt bread and oats that I mentioned. 

A different way to look at the food on your plate.

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor