Six week Training and nutrition advice to Lower your Blood Pressure.

The number one killer in the West are heart-related issues, the major causes?

  1. Overwork, both mentally and physically.
  2. Poor and irregular diet, eating high salt content foods
  3. Not enough moderate exercise.
  4. Lack of adequate rest, 3 plus hours of deep sleep

With my six week cycle we test your starting point, Today, then transition you into improvements that start to lower your blood pressure.

  • Stage one is assessment, body fat and lean mass, blood pressure.
  • The nutritional content of your eating habits; improvements that we can make.
  • Training plan according to your physical condition, stress levels, injuries, I will train with you keeping you focused.

Option 1, Six-week plan, meeting weekly to train; review your training log.

option 2, meeting every six weeks to test and review training.

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor