the food police

Put that biscuit down now!

Nutritional debt is making you fat and sick!

Does your workplace look like this?

processed crisps,

fizzy drinks,

milk chocolate,


white bread.


Processed foods

Do you know what highly processed oils, salts and sugars go into making these things? I say things as they are not food. The extreme flavours trick your taste, divert your hunger but trigger mood swings due to highs and lows in your blood sugar – over half the UK is pre-diabetic.

Food Lables

These plastic wrapped items result in weight gain from high salt that causes water retention; high sugar that gives stimulation but increases insulin and then fat storage.

Any food labels: read – 100g / Carbohydrates of which Sugar – less than 5g or you will gain weight!

We might have been in Europe for over 40 years but we haven’t learnt how to eat fresh vegetables like the French and Spanish. This is the key – lots of green, red, yellow veg.

Green Vegetables

Not lots of potatoes and bread and pasta. These last three are starchy carbohydrates and as they are broken down first in the mouth and then in the small intestine they become sugars – if you are very active then you will use the glucose, but if you work indoors and are less active what do you think will happen?

Putting on weight

The answer to all this? Increasing all types of vegetables, all leaf, flower, all colours, the more you put on the plate the more vitamins, minerals, fibre and nutrition. You will get reducing insulin spiking, making you more mentally focused and improving your day to day health.

NO weight gain from vegetables! img_20160831_144718Fuel up properly every day and you won’t need to snack, if you have cravings then you lack nutrients – fill up on veg at meal times!

Eat Whole foods such as

Brown rice, white fish, organic eggs, green vegetables, sweet potatoes.

Stay off milk, cheese and butter, even yoghurt can be high in sugar – read the label! less than 5g sugar!!!

Stop buying crisps and bottles of sugary drinks.

Buy, Cook, and grow your own vegetables and put more on your plate, more in your life!

img_20160906_091559 Gardening and Cooking

How about making some Sauerkraut, water and sea salt (it has minerals) raw chopped veg leave to ferment for a few days, easy – healthy for your stomach flora and vitamin C. img_20160909_171202

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor