I am still amazed by the lack of knowledge about the food we eat and where it comes from.

Often in anyΒ  High Street, the is a fashionable twist on the fruit and veg man selling you boxed fresh seasonal – delivered to your door, offering passers by tomatoes in autumn!

Tomatoes grow in the summer. Only growing this time of year in heated greenhouses both in northern and southern Europe.

I have put together seasonally based recipes that try to follow the growing pattern for where we live. Also giving warming or cooling properties needed for the seasons.

Are you a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ person? The foods you eat have a very big effect. Fried food creates a lot of internal heat which will manifest in redness in the skin.

Cold Salads in the winter will chill your bones – we need warming soups.

Seasonal Food Therapy

  • The easiest way to understand what to eat, why and when, photos and examples for better health, weight loss and much more.

Don’t forget my Nutrition and Fitness in a Week too has many recipes and ingredients to get you started.Β 

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor