Six Pack

Everything you need in one place, one price; once only!

  1. Hiit Core training cards
  2. Hiit Core poster
  3. Essential Shopping List
  4. ebook, Fitness & Nutrition in 7 days.
  5. ebook, Seasonal Food Therapy.
  6. Enrol for free to learn more about sports nutrition

All Q&A will be answered via Facebook group, join here.

Two ebooks in One

  • To complete your six-pack you must have these two ebooks.
    • Fitness & Nutrition in 7 Days
    • Seasonal Food Therapy
    I have combined them into one pdf for you.  
ebooks will be downloaded directly to you from payment page and I will post the Training cards, poster and Essential Shopping list.

Just in case there are any issues feel free to call 07939 019 030
Or use the contact box here


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