Sporting heroes come in many forms from Scottish stone lifters to triathlon age-groupers

who you get inspiration from is vital in your self-improvement. We all need to have a mentor that we can look to and get advice and encouragement.

Sporting heroes Usain Bolt or Bradly Wiggins are unlikely to give you one-to-one motivation.

The heroes that I try to live up-to are trainers and sportsmen close to me. Brian Nicol – who started his sporting career as an outward-bound instructor in Africa. Thereafter joining the army and finally taking up triathlon.

This local hero is now in his 70s, however, he is a 2008 ITU triathlon age grouper that became the 8th fastest old-bloke in Vancouver. Thanksย to his help I have improved my swim stroke as well as taking time to talk about how we grow in life.

We need coaching and personal training from people that have experience and the maturity to transmit information.

Today we see high-speed young heroes, YouTubers, that promise quick results. ย Be lean and fast! ย These are images are unrealistic for all of us.

The reality is you and I might be starting a bit late to become a gold medalist or even in the top ten of our age group.

Where can we start?

Weight loss, fitness, diet is the wrong order.

Number one is Diet! eating real food that you have cooked or cut, peeled, soaked, baked, roasted, steamed.

Food that has natural fibre, colours, vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and realistic protein levels. Vegetables.


Achieve fitness quite easily with low impact activities, walking, swimming, gardening.

Weight loss comes with time and consistency, eating real food. Staying active we can lose weight. How long will it take?ย 

Teaching the Spanish infantry a second language for many years has taught me that we must take the time that WE need.

Fast changes are unlikely to stay with us. My advice for language is we need two years.

It is the same for weight loss, or improvement at your given sport as we age the transition can be slower.

My sporting heroes remind me that a continued effort and focus gets real results.

Are you looking for a trainer, coach, guide or motivation? Make it someone that you can speak to. A trainer that wants to show you life-stye improvements for you to grow.

Do you need motivation? Read more about training with me here

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor