Pain from a sports injury? Repeating the same movement? Tennis elbow? Swollen ankle or knee? Rotator cuff problem?

Working on the lower vertebrae allows nerves to be free and blood and lymphatic fluid to flow draining swelling.

Pain, swelling and stiffness comes when there is a blockage in the nerves from the lumbar spine to lower limbs or spine and neck. A blockage causes a disorder in the function of the muscles, tendons, joints, this is an excess that has caused the body to react.

We need to get the nerves and blood flowing to allow the body to heal itself.

Solution: Tui-na Chinese neck and shoulder upper-body & Caiquiao lower body massage.

Sessions last approx 30-45min, home visits.

Upper body only Β£25

Upper body & Lower body Β£40

Taping and Acupuncture additional cost

CALL: 07939 019 030

Caspar Chamberlain, Trained Personally, Gloucestershire.

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    Written by

    caspar chamberlain

    Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor