We often hear, see and read what others are doing to stay fit, slim, strong, the fastest, the most daring – but what is your level?

One crazy base jumper I heard say everyone gets their adrenaline rush from different levels of activity. So when we see a Down Hill mountain biker do we ‘really’ want to do that!

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This summer I am back in the Spanish and French hills soaking up the peace and trying to enjoy ‘my’ level of fitness doing some challenging rides but not-out-of-my-depth.

Unlike a super diet or muscle wrenching crossfit blast, let’s look at the whole year. Consistency, with clean eating and exercise will keep up our level of fitness. If we then up that level, we have a good base to improve on.

Diet is not fixed with one salad nor is fitness with a run round the block but once they become a part of your lifestyle then, weight-loss and fitness become normal.


If you are looking forΒ a Trainer to help motivate you and cut through the diet and training myths, then get in touch

I’ll teach you the main core exercise show you simple solutions to improve nutrition and give you a new fun way to train with my new training cards.

Training at home – with minimal equipment – helping you make the best of your surroundings.

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor