Sweet food addictions are the drug of the 21st Century.

You may be sick of them after holiday binge or sick because of them due to an overload of sugar in the gut.

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Too much sugar causes bad gut bacteria to thrive, your immune system to weaken and common complaints such as candida rise after festive feasting.

There are a few strategies that I use with clients to help them combat, manage and improve the sugary fix that we enjoy in the mouth but sends our blood sugar crazy.

Luckily our tastes buds adapt very quickly to sweet and salty levels.

If you are looking for you two-hour carbohydrate fix then you need to get that repaired – this is a pre-diabetic state that requires some help with food management.

We need to understand the foods that are causing your nutrient debt and those that can help us.

  • Meal timing and fastings
  • meal quantity & quality
  • Food choices
  • Working with flavours
  • balancing carbs, fats & proteins
  • access to addictive foods
  • transition foods

Everyone is individual and will be dealing with some elements more than others.

Sweet foods are more addictive than cocaine, working to change food habits and reduce your risk of type two diabetes transitioning from excess to balance

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor