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 Cards for you to learn how to keep fit without a gym.  

  • Take them when you travel – credit card size
  • For Beginner to Advanced level
  • Personalise for your needs 

HIIT CORE High Intensity Interval Training

I‘m Caspar Chamberlain and I have created these cards to solve all your Workout Problems:

What part of the body to train, what exercises to do, how many reps to do, how often to train. When to change your routine, what to change to. How much weight, how much intensity?


Hiit Core Cards the new way to workout the three main areas of your body.

Three colour system making it easy to identify what part of the body, flip cards for fitness level.

Never read a complex plan again. 

  • Mix cards, pick as many as you want.
  • lay them on the floor, see from a distance.
  • Flip them over for instructions
  • mix again and get a new workout.
  • Never miss a vital core muscle
GYM Problems

For many of us we feel uncomfortable in a gym because we are unsure what we should be doing


Three colour cards you can now quickly take control of training – they show you what part of the body, what intensity and what repetitions to get fitter and stronger.

Keep reading for more pictures, videos, reviews and special download options

Fun home workouts

Mix the Cards for a new workout everyday

Real Cards – tactile – feel and see what to do

Waterproof durable plastic

Fitness Cards 21 cards – seven in each colour + 9 blank cards to drawn individualised exercises.

Beach Workout lower body
Fill in Blank Training cards with your Exercises

img_20160713_122929                  reviews:

These cards are great! They’re well designed and easy to use. We’re all familiar with the exercises, but they help us to vary our workout, and not fall into the trap of always doing the same. The videos complement the cards perfectly too. An excellent and inspiring concept! Ben 👍👍

I bought the cards and I love them! It’s a very original and effective system! Thanks Caspar! See you in your next video! 🙂 Palo, Spain.

As someone who needs to vary and intensify my routine for more effective results these cards are an ideal solution to maintain interest and motivation. Caspar’s instructions and tips are no nonsense and clear to follow. The message is clear; If you want to achieve results, you can, Mark.

Having great fun with the cards Caspar. You know how hard it is to get me to take exercise but your cards have really inspired me and kept me motivated. Just like a session with you! Peeps Nicol, La Galaube, France.

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How to train at home?

Simplify strength and core training. Forget confusing training plans.

HIIT Core cards are colour coded into three key areas: Core, Upper Body and Lower Body, allowing you to quickly identify which areas of the body you are exercising, with the push or pull action that is required giving a balance to help give your body better functional strength.

  • Black – Core
  • Red – Upper Body
  • Green – Lower body

Use in the gym to make a quick session, at home or as they are fully waterproof, for training outside also Ideal for personal trainers that want to spice up their training for individual clients in Boot-camp sessions

home training waterproof cards
Water or Wine-proof

 New workout every time – 20 seconds on, 20 seconds rest, next card – how many can you do? Average 15 min work out 200 calories +

Free!  DAD-BOD TO ADVANCED DOWNLOAD MY Info graphic hiit

What does High intensity interval training do?

HIIT boosts your growth hormones – fighting muscle loss with age.

Hiit combined with regular sleep you will get younger as you reduce muscle loss.

The cards can be shuffled to give more variety making every home training session different, plus any number of cards can be put together to create light to high intensity workouts, in addition each card has a rep guide for beginner, intermediate or advanced workout session.

With some simple and inexpensive equipment and in some cases none or free to add the resistance required by the individual.

  • Bands, with/out handles /crossfit
  • Bells, kettle/dumb
  • Balls, swiss, medicine
  • Bottles, water 1lt = 1kg
  • Back pack, add bottles of water to bag to increase difficulty
  • Bars, pull up high bar or low bar, vertical bar
  • Body, weight YOU!

Keep it simple, but surprise your muscles with a different session.

What are Reps and Sets

Reps – repetitions of one movement – Ten press ups = Ten reps = One set.

Repeat that again = two sets total of 20 push ups.

  • Cards can be used to work on upper body key areas that often need attention.
  • Lower body main muscle groups that work together.
  • Core muscles, lumbar, obliques, upper, middle and lower abdominals.
  • You may want to take a steady approach or increase the intensity with back to back exercises.


The older we get the more recovery time, that could be one day rest or even one month. If intensity or duration of exercise has been high then the rest should be longer than just a normal maintenance training week. For example, after long distance race.

How do your muscles feel after one day? If they hurt that’s good they have been activated but need recovery time: Do some light zone 1 heart rate cardio, swim, jog, ride this gets blood moving and helps recovery.

    • Alternate muscle groups, upper one day, lower the next.
    • Max 5-6 days a week.
    • I recommend that you use these cards two/three times a week and do your preferred cardio twice a week.
    • Total five days training and two days active recovery, like walking to work.
    • Keep a weekly record of your training either km/miles or time, then you can see if you are over or under training.
    • A simple guideline is to increase (intensity or duration) over three weeks and week four should be lighter. This allows your body to recover better and reduces the risk of injuries and symptoms of over training and help you balance your year or season.

HIIT CORE High Intensity Interval Training
HIIT CORE High Intensity Interval Training

Intensity challenges

  1. 20 Min workout zone 4 heart rate max
  2. Warm up for ten mins before, jog, cycle, stretch
  3. TEN push ups, 10-sets
  4. 10 x rows, 10-sets
  5. 10 x crunches, 10-sets
  6. 10 x body weight squats, 10-sets

Total 400 reps! Rotate the exercises to give your muscles some recovery time. If completed in under 20 min add another exercise card or two!

Fun video demos – Keep watching for the surprise at the end!


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HIIT CORE High Intensity Interval Training


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