Training for your first Triathlon?

Got your bike and run sorted but finding it hard with the swim? I have been there.

Now available, my clear simple stage instruction:

Head & balance

The Reach


The Kick

Working with you in the pool, I can improve all these areas that will give you the hydrodynamics that you need to swim front-craw, using less energy, fewer strokes and faster.

The session will last around 40-50mins, working with these four main areas with short drills to build a technique that will enable you to continue practising and improving alone.

Follow up session can be anything from weekly to monthly, depending on your ability to adapt.

‘Feeling’ the water is our ultimate goal, enabling you to glide through the water ‘fish-like’ reducing wasted energy.

Once you have got the basics under control, we can look at stroke rate, the cadence of your arms.

Every swimmer is different and each will have a ‘sweet spot’, this means the stroke rate and timed distance that enables max speed with sub-max effort.

These are one-to-one sessions where I work with you in the pool. Observing from above and below the water, to see how you move through the water.

This method is much faster than using video as you get instant feedback and instruction, thereby gaining the skills for improving technique.

For a chat and to book your session please call:


Session areΒ Β£25 + pool entrance

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor