Tuina-Caiqiao is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Many people have heard of Tuina, less know much about Caiqiao.

Tuina hand techniques

Tuina is one kind therapy based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine, mainly by using the hands to work on neck and lumbar spine, the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments & joints.

There are many hand techniques to, knead, push, pull, rub, pinch, twist, shake to name a few, mostly working on the neck, shoulders, arms and hands, also knees, feet and ankles.

Pushing and rubbing knee joint, allowing fluid to move and the body to repair itself.

Applying manipulation or pressure to balance body’s Yin and Yang function, promote Qi and blood circulation, smooth the joints movement, prevent and treat the disease, make the body healthy again.

Caiqioa foot techniques

The Caiqiao is mainly using the foot to produce stronger pressure and manipulation: rubbing and pushing are the main two foot techniques to work on the back, legs, arms and shoulders combine with Tuina, can get better result, and save lots of energy during the treatment.

There is great skill and feeling in the foot

The result is free moving joints, blood, lymph fluid, stimulating nerves and Qi, regaining health and movement.

Other parts of TCM are herbs and diet, acupuncture, Qigong and other kinds of exercise.

What problems can we treat?

Pain and problems come when there is a blockage in the nerves from the spine and neck. This then causes a disorder in the function of the muscles, tendons, joints, the result is pain.

Pain may come from a sports injury, for repeating the same movement, such as tennis elbow, this is an excess that has caused the body to react. Very treatable but we should also be looking at the imbalance in life to make sure that we reduce over use.

Sitting is the disease of the 21st century that is causing more and more problems, we need to move more and do more exercise.

Sciatica can be treated quickly without long doctors queues, or drugs. We can simply using the Caiqiao Technique to free the nerves of the lumbar spine.

Relieving pressure on the lower vertebrae a quick comfortable and effective technique.

Massage Service:

Home visits are possible, but we also have a studio in Bath Rd, Cheltenham.

Normal treatments need about four to six sessions, lasting about 45mins.

Prices: £30 per session, pay as you go.

Service will be available from November 2017

Call: 07939 019 030

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Written by

caspar chamberlain

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor