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Beach Body how do I get one

Beach Bodies might seem like a few months away but it starts now! When we strip off at the beach are you happy with your body or the body of others? Most will say no, but lets look at this in another way. Having a buff muscular body may be the image that we are …


Have you Always been the Same Weight?

Weight just changed – were you always the same weight but suddenly your scales read more? There are many factors for weight gain, from over eating on holiday, to moving less. Even changing from a house to a bungalow can make a difference. For many people it is a question of time – a life …

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Staying fit forever how can we do that?

How can we maintain fitness long-term? There are two parts to this question the first is the easy one: consistency. I want you to look at the picture, What do you see?  Look at the fence – each bar has an arrow-head top, and the circle looks complete – well actually there are a few …

the food police
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Put that biscuit down now! Nutritional debt is making you fat and sick! Does your workplace look like this? processed crisps, fizzy drinks, milk chocolate, biscuits, white bread.   Processed foods Do you know what highly processed oils, salts and sugars go into making these things? I say things as they are not food. The extreme …

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So What DO you eat?

I often get asked this question, what people really want to know is – What should I eat? Here’s the rub, it depends on what deficiency you may have. What does that really mean? We need to look at what you are consuming and consider the vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, fibre and proteins to see …


Hiit Training

Why is High Intensity Interval Training good for us? Putting both heart, lungs and muscles under load is vital for the health of these muscles and organs. Use it or Lose it. For people new to exercise we should get the all clear from your doctor and then start slowly, walking and slow movements under …



Workout knowldge Home 20 min Functional Body exercise. Learning how to do something puts you back in control – with my new cards you can understand the areas of the body to train without study. Three main areas: Upper, Lower and Core. Movements to help balance and improve posture and make You stronger. Activities that …


Night Running, how to do it

How can you run at night? Murcia, Spain in the Summer is too hot to run in the day. Last night was the first time I have done a race event at night and I can say it was different. Obviously there are things to consider, the start time was 10pm and although the temperature …


How to Eat Right

How to Eat the Right Food Eating the best food all year round is how we need to be thinking about how nutritional our next meal will be. Sounds hard but lets break it into parts. Each meal should have three components, Carbohydrates, healthily fats from oils such as olive, or fish oils, Proteins, from …


Natural Suplements What are they?

Natural Suplements for Sports Nutrition In sports and fitness there are too many options and bogus information. I have been spending some time to understand how we can apply this to our diet and if we need to. The basic idea behind any extra ingested source is to give us better energy during and event …

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